@ Organic JAS(Japan Agricultural Standards) authorization SENNARI

We provide our ghearth and gmindh toward great quality of products.

Production process

High quality of ingredients and SAKE are essential to make Good vinegar.In order to make SAKE, we polish high quality of rice, sultry and add fermentation broth in our own companyfs factory.

The pure rice sake is poured to the fermentation device, and add bacteria of our traditional vinegar
iacetobacter/"Bacteria of OOCHI"j.We let these slowly and carefully and make mellow vinegar.

It adds a taste in a natural climate of an outdoor tank near our factory.

It is manufactured under the severe quality control.


Through this process, we will send a clean, safe product to the customer!


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iTaste Institute "OOCHI"is a brand name of a prejudice of SENNARIj