@ Organic JAS(Japan Agricultural Standards) authorization SENNARI

Rice Vinegar of Organic JAS authorization

Rice Vinegar As for SENNARI [OOCHI Rice Vinegar], this is different.

Production of Pure Rice Vinegar "KOMENOSU" takes serious time and effort. At first, we polish rice, sultry and add fermentation broth and make pure sake. And then, add natural water which is collected at underwater in northern part of Hiroshima Prefecture.
It has massive flavor and rich in acidity. It must be called gTop-quality of vinegarh.

We strictly keep our standard to make gOOCHIEKOMENOSUh. It is authorized as organic JAS products which meets strict standard as organic food based on national law.
It is the proof we provide safe and high quality products only for you.

@360ml@yOne@556 yen(including tax)z@It produces it in a clean factory.

"Pur Rice Vinegar KOMENOSU" which kept being scrupulous and was completed.
The "HIROSHI ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH ASSOCIATION" which was an authorization organization of organic JAS gave authorization to me.

The authorization that is given only the organic farm products which this existence machine JAS authorization is based on "standardization of agriculture and forestry supplies and a law (Japanese Agricultural Standard) about adequacy of quality indication", and passed severe condition and examination and organic farm products processed food. It is proof to have people use it in peace.


The Rice making expert.@

Our gKOMENOSU (rice vinegar)h particular about rice. We purchase limited number of   organic rice from contracted farmer which were grown under strong sun in Akita Prf, Japan where is well known for rice field. Thus, our items are limited production.

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